• Engineered Isolation Solutions with Vision
  • Energise Seals by Fluid Dynamics
  • Comply with Well Integrity Best Practice
  • Regain Well Isolation Boundaries Quickly & Efficiently
  • Resolve Sustained Annulus Pressure Variances
  • Stop Packer Leaks with our Downhole Sealant Technology
  • Low Cost Rigless Operations with 24/7 Customer Support of Worldwide Aging Assets
  • Hand Portable Equipment with Small Footprint and Minimal Personnel
  • Reduce Costs on Greenfield & Brownfield Applications Offshore, Onshore & Subsea
  • Address Unique Well Challenges with our Premium Service
  • Extend the Life of your Assets and Reduce Future Maintenance Costs
  • Challenge us to Resolve Leak or Corrosion Anomalies

Engineering Solutions

Shown below are a few examples of KCI bespoke engineering solutions. Highlighting the fact that KCI are dedicated to the advancement of new technologies as well as meeting the requirements of the customer.

Clamp and Plug

Hydraulic Hand Wheel Removal Tool